Thangs are HAT’nin’! やっといいものがくるぞ!好的!

I just got into school, guys! I walked in with a whole new hairstyle, too:

My new hair style!

My new hair style!

Woot. So, I’m also takin’ some different and interesting classes. Intro to Digital Design Apps (Supah easy), Advanced Japanese (kinda’… just sitting in because the class was full), Japanese Literature (I’m going to DIE, you guys! なきたいの〜難しい!)Introductory Chinese (好的), and Beginners’ Phtography. (Already havin’ fun!).

Havin’ a lil’ trouble with money, but that’s okay. I’m fighting the system! I am applying for lotsa’ jobs, and trying to raise money by selling… THIS!:

Picture 8

It’s selling like HOTCAKES! Very… very cooold… cold and frozen “hot”cakes. But no worries! I’m extending my reach to the stars above with some social networking, and potential campus customers! If you like ramen, and you want this shirt, it’s only $15, so go here:

I need 30 Pre Orders by October to print, peeps, so don’t let me down!

In other things, I am going to be featured on LogoGala!! I’m super excited, I didn’t expect to. An older version of “Margarita!” is going to be featured on the front page, yo! That means more exposure! Here it is:

Yee! いいね?ねぇ〜?


I will post a link to it’s article soon!

SOOOO… That’s all that’s new today, y’all! I’ll try to keep updating so y’all punks ain’t in the dark, n’am sain? So, I’m out, people. PAYCE!


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