Apartment Peeps

So yeah. I didn’t get started on the shirts, yet… but it’s okay. I know EXACTLY what I want to do*changesubjectrapidly*WANNA’ MEET MY ROOMMATES!?



This is Sara! She’s super awesome’n’stuff. I met her at a CMF showing of some movies my friends had directed. I was in one of them, and it was chosen for top 16!

Click here to see it!
Click here to watch an Indian guy get beat up!

This was what… October of 2008? So we’ve been super close ever since! It’s awesome bein’ roommates, ’cause we can beat eachother up 24/7! It’s awesome… Sara, like my other two roommates, is an Animation/Illustration major. She is great at cartooning, and can pretty much cartoonize ANYone she sees, she’s ridiculous. She’s also a super movie buff, so hit her up to talk about movies, lol! She’s seen’em all… Click her pic to check her awesome blog! She’s got awesome Comic Con pics recently!

Ano TEAM! Peter Le! Click here for his blog! Full of awesome art...

Ano TEAM! Peter Le! Click here for his blog! Full of awesome art...

This is Peter! ANO TEAM! Sara introduced me to him once at the DC (Dining Commons). He was working on some slides in an animation, I think. When we all decided to room together, we immediately had to come up with “team” names, and right off the bat came “Ano Team” which in Japanese means “That Team Over There”, lol. And Sara and Denise are the “Kono Team” (This team right here). Though their team is SO not as strong. Peter and I are unstoppable. Peter has some serious skills on the guitar, and his art is so in depth and detailed, it’s amazing. Click his picture to check out his superfied blog, guys!

Denise Magdale

Denise Magdale (click for Deviant Art!!!)

This is Denise! She’s super good at drawing, especially people. She draws people straight up with PEN, guys, and they look awesome. Sara introduced me to her some time last year, I don’t remember where, I think it was in Art 001 with Joe Miller, an amazing professor and graphic designer! I hope to be as talented as he is, or better! LOOK OUT! For a while, I called her “Dennis”, and it kinda’ stuck for like… a week, lol.  But f’real guys. Denise is the bomb. She’s also quite the gamer, which is awesome! Check out her Deviant Art!

So yeah, when we have time, we all get together at night and play a chapter or two of Resident Evil 4 (hint… hint… hint…), and watch Ashley get kidnapped over and over. It’s actually REALLY fun with the lights off in a group! Dass just what we do. Dass just how we roll. ANO TEAM OUT!


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  1. Gwaah, sorry for emo pic, Denise! I need more pics of you!

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