THIS chick…*sigh*

THIS chick and I have had some good times. We grew up together, even.

She grew much bigger than I had hoped, but that was cool, “I ain’t leavin’ you.”

We’ve gotten into trouble, we’ve had many things we share still, but

THIS chick that I know is no longer as tranquil

We met in a good ole’ neighborhood, the kind with dogs and lawns

I can’t remember much about then, ‘cept that we were both lead on

By the world and what it offered, we thought we’d have it good

But what the future had in store would get too soggy before it should

She met my sister first, and they both got along well,

And we all used to play, and on each other we would tell

Everything we did was fun, and  we were young

But she soon got a sickness that made us all go numb.

My parents had to tell me that THIS chick was a lil’ sick

And that she’s undergoing changes that might make her seem a bit

More popular, and she might be getting more attention from others

But don’t worry, ’cause you’ll grow to meet her, and she won’t be going far

So I got a lil’ older,  and in school I enrolled in

Life got rollin’ and I noticed her breaking under

Pressure, and I thought that maybe I could help,

But I was overwhelmed with all the people who now surround her.

High school came, and she was in a completely different crowd,

I tried to meet up with every once in a seldom while

But she kept growing faster, and I just couldn’t keep up

All these changes that she’s going through making up her makeup.

Then some drama happened, while she was gone, and it tore me to pieces

Didn’t matter, ’cause she was occupied by construction men and leases

So I head out to start my own life, and I met this guy José.

We started chillin’ like two villains and we met up every day.

So this guy José was a much more outgoing dude, we

Would always go and chat, and he’d shown me some new food

For my life, as I was starving and I knew not how to fill

This empty hole in my heart, that THIS chick left me with to chill.

So I decided I’d never talk to her, I need no more drama

Me and José went and joined a frat, I was so proud I told my mama

I tried to fill that gap I had left with everything that

José had thrown at me, and I thought one day I would find that thing.

Life was goin’ dandy, so I thought, then this chick started callin’.

Hadn’t spoken for a while, and so she had me stallin’

I decided to go and visit, and it was so exquisite

She reminded me of everything we’d done and what we shared.

So I kept on goin’ back, I left José to see THIS chick

We again rekindled friendship, and my loneliness was kicked

That little hole in my heart had been again filled with it’s piece

That corresponded to my problems and my worries, gave me peace.

But José and I, we were still the best of friends.

I’d made too strong a bond to just let it come to an end.

So I decided to live my life with both THIS chick and that guy toward the sea.

I have both San José, and beloved Tracy.

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2 Responses to “THIS chick…*sigh*”

  1. haha, cool beans 🙂

  2. peter’s facial expression is hilarious.

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