Day Trip: Jack London Square (Oakland, CA)

So my mom thought it would be a great idea to take my sister and I out to just have a family outing. As usual, my lazy ass didn’t wanna’ get out of the bed, but then I saw an opportunity to expand my portfolio or practice my shooting! We drove out to Jack London Square, a place my mom really wanted to check out for a while, and  we set out to see what we could see!


While we were walking around, we saw a jewelry artisan/designer. She had some of the most interesting pieces, and she had a nice little sale goin’ on! Each thing has been designed and hand-crafted by Jeanette Marie, founder of “Table of Light Jewelry”. She was just near where we entered Jack London square, in a row of other artisan/designers of various things.

Table of Light Jewelry

Click here to check out more of her amazing hand-made jewelry!

JewelryJewelry 2Jeanette’s creations were very skillfully and beautifully made, and my mom just had to stop and look. Naturally, I saw it, thought it was cool, and left to go snap some more shots. Not exactly an earring guy, lol. I had gone for a while, but they were STILL “oo”ing and “aaah”ing at the amazing jewelry. My sister was a little bit torn between a two or three pieces, and was a  little strapped for cash. But Jeanette’s goal is customer satisfaction, and putting a smile on our faces. So she gave my sister a good deal, and she got the earrings she wanted! “Mission: Accomplished!” she said with a smile.

Brittney and Jeanette the Jeweler

Amazing, eh? She love'em.

Amazing, eh? She love'em.

So, she’s all super excited and stuff. Cool. Even after we go down the entire street and come back to leave, my mom just HAS to pick up another pair!


So... my mom's a G. Throwin' up saaahgns



Soo this guy...

He happened to be taking pictures, and naturally, since we both had SLRs, we HAD to do the "photographer's nod" and greet eachother and talk about how awesome photography is. He had gotten his camera for Christmas, and has been using it like crazy ever since. Good luck, stranger!



IMG_1198Okay, so after Jeanette’s oh-so-bright Table of Light, I saw some interesting shirts hanging in front of an artisan’s canopy. I had to take an look in side. Just down the line at Jack London Square, Curtis Dalton’s ageless “Batik Art on T-Shirts” shop was displaying an amazing media to cover a shirt. I was SO mad I didn’t have some money, otherwise, some of those shirts would’ve been in my closet already. Check’em out!

This is Curtis' favorite of his shirts. He held it up for a nice shot.

This is Curtis' favorite of his shirts. He held it up for a nice shot.

These shirts are made with a type of art called “Batik” art, a process in which the art actually BECOMES part of the shirt! That’s why it is called the “ageless art”. It just doesn’t fade! Just imagine, these vibrant, bright colors, completely covering a shirt, that just DOESN’T fade away, or wash out! Amazing art, too! It’s like wearing a painting. In fact, it IS wearing a painting! Your shirt is the canvas! If you’re ever in the West Oakland area near Jack London Square, I encourage you to check out some of Mr. Dalton’s masterpieces. Awesome quality, awesome art… ageless design.


Yeah, it was a bright day, so Brittney wanted to take some action shots!

Yeah, it was a bright day, so Brittney wanted to take some action shots!


Yeah... we're too cool to actually get along...

Yeah... we're too cool to actually get along...

Just kidding! Love you big sis, but I can't breathe, so...

Just kidding! Love you big sis, but I can't breathe, so...


We had an amazing time, and I took some really cool shots. In fact, I’ve got a buyer for one of the water photos! Anyways, “Mission: Accomplished!”. Lates!

Mission: Accomplished!

Mission: Accomplished!


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