I’m 20. Now what?


Yeah, so now I’m 20 years old. I have no idea what that means. Y’know, it’s actually kinda’ like being a sophomore in high school or college. You’re not the newbie anymore, but you still aren’t important. When people ask you “So how does it feel to be __ years old?”, what do you say? I just say I feel like I did yesterday. My birthday kinda’ stopped mattering around age 14, if I had to estimate. And I don’t know why, but I get this sort of depression near my birthday, and I always have ever since. It’s not because I feel like no one cares, because I don’t. It’s not because I’m not getting presents or birthday cards, a million people posting to my facebook wall, or those gaudy annoying birthday balloon bonanza cluster fucks that people used to carry around in highschool, because I never really cared about that. I just get a little bit depressed. Which is weird, because I usually don’t even remember my birthday’s coming until a few days before. And even then, I confuse it for the wrong day. Does anyone else kind of get that weird depressed feeling for no reason? (PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT!). But hey, on the brighter side of things, I got a haircut! I like it, too. It took 2 hours, and $34.99, but it makes me happy, and it looks a little more natural than what I’ve been trying to rock for the past few weeks… Lemme know what you guys think! Then again, you’ll be able to see me soon, if you’re in SJ, and if you’re in Tracy, hopefully you’ll be seeing me at the theater tomorrow joining me to watch “Inglourious Basterds” starring Brad Pitt!


So yeah, I got a fun day planned ahead. I haven’t decided which showing to go to, but I really hope this outing with some old Tracy friends, and any friends who want to come to Tracy, will help me get out of this slump, because it’s really lame. Anyways, I’m out! LATES!


One Response to “I’m 20. Now what?”

  1. I feel you bro, I noticed my dad gets the same way around his birthday. Cuz when he was growing up not only did nobody care that his birthday was coming up, but they were too poor to do anything for it anyway. So he quickly started not caring as well. So when we were growing up he tried to have little celebrations on our birthdays. It lasted a few years but after awhile fell off. I started organizing my birthdays around 16, inviting family to have dinner at whatever restaurant and making sure they’d show up. I never cared for presents too, the only gift I really wanted was just for the people close to my heart to show up. Don’t bring a gift-just bring your own self y’know lol- B.Y.O.S. haha! But chyea last February I didn’t know my birthday was coming up until two days before. The day of, I was with my lady and she took me out and spoiled me (which was new and pretty cool) but I didnt receive one phone call from even family. That didnt hurt as much as knowing that I wouldnt. I know that everyone DOES want their birthday to be special and I also know everyone close to us DOES care, I believe they just forget how important the little things are; making a little phone call, remembering, just showing up, etc.
    I failed you as a friend by not even showing up to yours and for that I am sorry from the bottom of my heart. We’ve grown apart in the past years but You’re one of three true friends I’ve ever met and true friendship doesnt die and doesnt have a time limit. We’ve been friends since our diaper days and I plan on being friends when we’re forced back into diapers y’know hahahahaha! So enjoy 20 and HAPPY BELAYED BURFFDAY BRUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “When you turn twenty you’re a nobody..Because you’re no longer a teen but you’re still too young to LEGALLY drink”
    -Patrick Gonzales Sr.

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