(Ends 10/1) What prints first? It’s up to YOU!: Things haven’t been selling too quickly, but I think it may be due to not seeing something they can touch… and feeeeeel… so I have a plan! Ready? Okay! So as I have been accumulating orders for different shirts, I have come to realize that I can actually start printing the shirts with the funds raised for all the shirts soon! So that means that if I use the funds I have acquired so far, I can print ONE (1) style, and sell those faster, rolling over the funds from THOSE shirts for the other styles! But I don’t know which one to consider or if I should consider them at all! So I need your help deciding what to do from here. But remember, whatever style you choose, it it sells quickly, it will rack up money for the other shirts to get printed soon after, so choose wisely!

Edo Crunk!

Edo Crunk! 江戸クランク!

ラメオタRamen Otaku!

Ramen Otaku ラメオタ

Jozzuv Lol! (Lol Tiger)

Jozzuv Lol! (Lol Tiger)

DezaOta Spray (Grey)

DezaOta Spray (Grey)

DezaOta Link Pic

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