El Pescadero Skate Park – Tracy, CA

So, I’m going to be making a book for my Photo 40 class, and I went to practice shooting some action shots at my skatepark in Tracy, El Pescadero Skate Park. It’s not well-built, but it’s cool to see how people have adjusted to the terrible set-up. People pull off some cool things. But first, here’s my first sequence shot (like in skate mags)! It’s kinda’ messy, but I did it for practice. Take a gander at mah pics!

Austin Mueller Turndown



"Jo" one of the El Pescadero elite skaters was trying to pull off a crooked grind, I think, but he couldn't nail it. My shot ended up with some amazing composition and contrast, though, with some awesomely low sun.

Austin Mueller

This is Austin, a good skater friend of mine's lil' bro. He used to skate a lot, but switched to scootin'. This was a random shot of his shoe. He's also featured in my sequence shot.


They call him "Niggle". He gets SO. MUCH. AIR. I want to shoot him again soon.


Skyler Mueller, Austin's older brother. I don't remember what trick this was, but it was crazy.

El Pescadero sun set


"Niggle" again, catchin' some major air.


A game of S'K'A'T'E


El Pescadero Sunset 2

I know, almost same pic, but it was interesting lighting!


One Response to “El Pescadero Skate Park – Tracy, CA”

  1. looks like a pretty cool skate park! I miss my skating days…

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