Thank You, Jesus

I just wanted to dedicate this entire blog post to the one who has made all of my accomplishments possible: my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I was looking around my portfolio while reviewing some older works, and I realized that I didn’t want to take another step forward in this career without taking God with me. Now, I’m just wingin’ it. About God.

I can’t imagine where I’d be if it weren’t for God. And when I say that, I actually CAN imagine, and it would suck. Royally. I can’t possibly give God enough credit for the opportunities he’s presented to me in my life. I often realize that I don’t work hard enough to even deserve some of the attention he lets me receive, and I don’t even take the time to talk about him in the areas he has blessed me. Well I just wanted to bless my blog with the presence of God. Hallelujah.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve still got my problems, I’m not perfect or carefree. But I have a sense of security, because I know God’s got my back. With the power of the Holy Ghost, I will persevere, even if it means I have to take a step down from whatever block I was on top of, or competition I was partaking in. When I’m in a pinch, all I need is some faith, and a heart full of praise and repentance. It is astounding, the blessings that follow. They’re unmistakable. You can’t pin good fortune or “karma” on that.

Again, this is a completely burden-driven entry, and I just felt the need to say something about the Great I Am. I don’t see why I can’t give him the spotlight, he always deserves it. Anyone who’s got a testimony or some words on the same plane, leave a comment! I’d love to hear about good works, or words of encouragement! God Bless.


2 Responses to “Thank You, Jesus”

  1. Arthur Cheng Says:


  2. Oh wow. Words cannot express how great God is. His mercy is so abundant, yet so undeserved. I get what you were saying about where you would be without God. I KNOW i would probably not even be alive right now if it wasn’t for God’s protection. He is AWESOME!!!!!

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