Portfolio Addition: Rivers Wellness

For the knowledgeable and versatile Arish Rivers! Rivers came to me for  logo design for his health business, in which he offers to personally train, provide health products and even help with weight loss plans! The final design features an “R”, using a plant to represent the natural products he has to offer, and health. The plant also has three leaves to represent an abstract “W”, and you might even be able to see the very subtle thumb and index finger picking the center leaf, also emphasizing the natural health products, and you being able to select them. Be sure to check out http://www.riverswellnessmall.com for all your health needs at an affordable price!

The first concept I had tried out was a river, but you can also see an “R” and “W”. It shows a natural and calm feel, and has the initials for his brand’s name. Here it is:


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