This is it: Resumé+Portfolio for Part-Time Design Position!!!

Raaaaaaaagh, I’m so NERVOUS! I just sent out my resumé and portfolio for an on-campus job! I really hope it’s a strong combo, because this would be the perfect job for me. I need AAAAALLL kindsa’ prayer and support, hah. I’ve actually been waiting for this job for like a year-and-a-half, about. When I was first interested in it, I was working for Spartan Catering (terrible job, BTW…), and wanted to do some design work for Spartan Shops. The position was filled by someone in the BFA (Bachelor’s of Fine Arts) program, and she was apparently hot stuff. The BFA Graphic Design program here at San José State University is very rigorous and competitive; they only accept 20 applicants per year! So if I even get the job, I’ve got some big shoes to fill, and the competition for this job must be intense. I really hope to learn a lot, too. They will be needing lots of web design-types of things, or so the interviewer said as she advertised the position in my Typography class yesterday. Anyways, here’s the goods, and back me up with prayer and good wishes! Also, tell me what you think of my combo. Is it a 1-2 punch knock-out?



Members of the Art Hausu made it into the portfolio, lol!!

Tell me what you think! I would love some feedback from you guys, it’d really help calm my nerves, and I’m just interested to hear some responses. Thanks for lookin’! God bless!


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