Threadless Sub: The Saddest Song

So, in order to help me laugh through some of the hardship I’m going through right now, and to help fund a massive debt I have put on my heart to pay, I subbed a design to Threadless! I have  a few designs up there. But this design was to help me laugh at myself and move on from heartbreak, and lost friendships:

The Saddest Song Design ShotI’ve cried a river, sung my songs, written my poems, and gone through all the drama. Now, it’s time to move on. this design started as a simple sketch:

It was drawn so huge that I had to draw and ink the pegbox of the violin on a separate page. Even having to scan the image multiple times and merge them in photoshop. Then I inked it all:

And placed them on shirts:

Just a lil’ simple photoshop magic. But anyways, here’s a link to the shirt on Threadless. Help me get printed, and vote and comment on it!

The Saddest Song - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever



2 Responses to “Threadless Sub: The Saddest Song”

  1. hey whats your myspace page.

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