Scrabble: I still lose every time…

Summer’s here, and my mother and I both have a lot more time on our hands, so we picked up a game of Scrabble. Last time I played was years ago, and it was against her and my sister. Both in the medical fields (well my sister’s STUDYING to be)… I never stand a chance. But I get better each and every time I open that torn box and grab that burgundy sack of burgundy tiles.

The game board has yellowed from age, and even has some pretty conspicuous and distracting cracks down the middle, but it’s okay. It’s much more intense this way, and it represents the dramatically tedious and painstakingly careful decisions we make on this battlefield of vocabulary. Scrabble can get really extreme. We should fight wars with Scrabble…

This is the aftermath of the vocabattle.

I am used to losing, so I started out with no expectations of winning or even scoring big whatsoever. But the intensity started from the very beginning. First, my mom and I both drew As while figuring out who would go first. So we decided she should because she DREW first… TCH! Technicalities… So the first word was… “SO”. “Nice one, Mom…” I thought to myself. I just played casually, and hoped for good groups of letters.

But out of nowhere, I placed the word “CREST” over a word multiplier, and that set me in the lead! I couldn’t believe it! I was riding high, I even got to extend it to the word “CRESTING”, and scored big.


Yeah, I know it's spelled wrong... BUT I WAS ON A ROLL!!

Then I scored even BIGGER with 30 some-odd points by slapping down a hefty “DIPTHONG” (I just realized that that wasn’t the correct spelling… it’s actually “dipHthong”. Thanks, spell check, for ruining my dreams…), and I was feeling really good about it. I was dusting my mom by a good 40 points at that time! But then…

She started laying the smack down. Check this bad boy out (“SANDY B[A]Y”. It even WENT together!):

(SANDY BAY) SERIOUSLY?! It's almost like she PLANNED it!! They were at two separate times...

That scored her a hefty amount of points. but then she just kept blocking me, and blocking me, and all I could put down were words like “WE” and “TO”… It was humiliating. SHE WAS TOYING WITH ME TO GET MY HOPES UP! And I ended up losing by 50 whole points. As she clacked the last tile into place, I hung my head in defeat. It’s cool. Because right about that time, Jack from LOST died. How poetic…

Aaaaaand she puts a cap on the game. This is the end...

And so, LOST ended, the game ended, my pride ended… it all just ended right then and there. I don’t think I’ll ever freakin’ win… good game, Mom…


2 Responses to “Scrabble: I still lose every time…”

  1. Marcus Mertilien Says:

    Rofl. What did you expect from a biology teacher?

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