Summer Snaps: The Beginning

My “Summer Snaps” are going to be a series of the photos I take all summer! Here’s the first group:

I took this while watching the Jimmy Kimmel show late at night... dont' know why, but I thought it was cool

This is Ryan's inner being...

From left to right: Diddy Kong, Vulpix, Toad, Luigi, and Blastoise (for those who don't have any knowlege of these awesome icons of my childhood... Ryan found these from years past just lying around somewhere in his room.

For most of the pokemon and plushie shots, I upped the vibrance and saturation a bit to emphasize the toy and fantastic nature of them. Does it work well?

Right outside Ryan's house some California Poppies sprung up. I thought it was really neat that they were resilient enough to grow and thrive in the CRACK of the SIDEWALK. Look at those vibrant colors, they're not strugglin'! They're drowning out the WEEDS, haha...

"Missed a spot..."

The shot was in B/W, anyways, Michelle... lost effort. Heh, just kiddn'. Beautiful shot, I think. Beautiful person :D.

Don't know who those are, or at least I'm not quite sure. But I thought it was funny to take a pic of a pic...

Michelle got a puppy! His name's Leo, but Jenn, Michelle's sister, calls him "Logan". I like Leo better, haha.

Aaaaaaaand Leo steals the show… He’s SO CUUUUUUTE :D. Anyhoo, Michelle, Ryan and I later played Scrabble against my mom. She still stomped us… But I did a lot better! Ryan also started to show some hidden vocab skills. We’re going to practice during the summer so that we can have a chance against the champ… one day… Thanks for havin’ a gander, come back for more soon!


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