The Bright Idea: Summer Snaps For All

Well hello, there, people! So, I just had an idea I hope takes off: Summer Snaps for Everyone!I thought it would be awesome to be able to snap photos for everyone doing something awesome! I was sitting around looking at my pictures from my last post, and I realized that I wasn’t doing anything super special (well it was special to me, but yeah…). So what if I got a hold of something cool, and exciting? I’d love to catch some extreme sports action, or a family event, or a UFO landing or something. You know, just something cool. If you have something cool going on in the San José or Tracy area after the 1st of July (Just in time for Independence Day…), I’d LOVE to document that event and make some super memories even more memorable with a set of crisp photos. Heck, I just wanna’ take some shots! For a sample of my photographic works, check out some of my posts on photography! And for those looking for a fun and/or fancy way to present your memories to friends and family, have a preview of one of my photo books! (Click through the book to see the pages).  Hope to hear from y’all soon!


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