And so, I’ve moved on! Jozzuv Lol in sight!

So my domain: purchased! I now own Jeiji Design!! Too bad “” has already been taken… Some Chinese site, I guess you could check it out if you are interested. But I’ve decided to keep updating this blog with my personal experiences, not necessarily related to design. More related to other things I care about. Like skating, or movies, or videogames. Y’know. Things that won’t further my success in the world. So anyways, go check out the new site, Jeiji Design!! Digg, tweet, Post, pass it on, and I’ll be your best friend. Forever. Alsooooo…. JOZZUV LOL’S PRINTING IS ON IT’S WAY! As soon as my check is deposited, I’ll be planning the printing process for the orange glory that is the laughing tiger. LOOK OUT FOR IT! I’d probably post it to my portfolio when it’s printed, so yeah. GOOD THINGS! GOOOOOD THINGS!

Jozzuv Lol! (Lol Tiger)


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