Minivan Men

Soooo. RENO. That’s where we went. Goal: Snowboard! Result: Not that… at all. But it was still great! Me, Phil, Pastor Jason, and Royce went to Reno in order to ditch the hustle bustle and show some muscle. Or maybe just Phil.

Phil got this one of me when I wasn't ready...

This is Phil. He's buff.

And sneezed.

This is Pastor Jason. Knows a ton of stuff about everything. He's been an engineer, wedding photographer, and father pretty much covers all the other skills you need in life.

That dude in the hat? That's Royce. He's like a super tennis player. Played professionally for like five years!

We went to the slopes, but we got there REAAAALLLY late, and it wasn’t my fault… (I overslept, Phil hadda’ poo…) So we just decided to mess around in the snow and whatever. It was actually really fun!


I love this shot, just looks to magical! And Phil seems to be captivated by the wonders of snow, haha!

Royce and Phil wanted to “jump” in the snow. Here’s how it ended up looking… (more like a tumble’n’splat)

Reno was crazy. There were motels like… freakin’ every where.

I took this shot because it looked kinda’ like a fleur de lis, one of my favorite shapes! Plus it looks crazy. You don’t see them often, haha.

So we came across this large pond frozen over. It was pretty cool! So what do a buncha’ guys in a minvan do? They pull over and throw rocks at it. REALLY BIG rocks. We had thrown so many rocks, we figured it was strong enough to support us, so Phil went out and tested the “waters” first.

Jason threw that one. Left his mark, haha. It was still standing when we left.

This is one of my favorite shots ever. So much contrast, and it just looks cool! Phil picked up this rock, and walked onto the ice. But it was so heavy…

The ice cracked! And he dropped the rock into the ice, haha!

But seriously! Look at how thick the ice was!

Real men don’t drink water…

They eat it.

Good times… Haha.


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