The Western States Police and Fire Games 2011

So, I went on a road trip with my dear old pa down to SoCal for two things: To watch my dad break a record, and to visit my sister. Yawp, it was a long, freakin ride, but I got some cool shots. I pretty much only attended two or three events, because I pretty much had to run on my dad’s schedule, but it’s all good, haha. Here are the top, like 10 photos. The rest will be on my flickr account!

And yeah, the photos with watermarks are for sale, so I marked’em… so that you can’t steal them, haha. ANYWAY enjoy. Flickr photos here:

This is my dad, breaking the record! I believe it was 363 lb or something for a benchpress in his weight class, but here, he's pushin' 375!


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