Taiwan 1: Oh Snap, I’m Not in America…

So, the flight was long… it was like 12 hours or so. It wasn’t too uncomfortable, though, Johnathan was a few rows ahead. There were a ton of movies to watch for free, so that’s how I occupied most of my time. I watched Battle: LA in English, and then again in Japanese to help brush up on my language skills. Then, I tried to sleep. TRIED. It was kind of… impossible. The turbulence made it really hard to stay asleep for more than a minute at a time, so I ended up getting about an hour if you include all the broken pieces

So I watched another movie! It was called… SP… some…thing. It was Japanese, and I can’t remember the name, but it was about how the Diet was corrupt, and they were trying to expose them. “They” were the SP agents, pretty much top-line security for government officials. I didn’t watch it again in English, though, I tried to play some games to give my eyes some OTHER pretty colors to look at for a while.

The coolest game in the “console” was a game called “Galactor” or something. I can NOT remember the real name, but it was shown to be some cool, crazy 3D space adventure game. So I gave it a try. Better than bottom-feeder puzzle games. Or is it? I opened it up, and I was disappointed to find that it was a shoddy and lazy rendition of Space Invaders. I think I got to level two. Didn’t die, I just quit.

I ended up watching a movie called “Win Win” in English, and then started watching it again in Japanese and got about half way when we landed. FINALLY. I missed earth so much… We got back, and got right on the bus, and drove for about 5 hours into Tainan. I was warned, but I was still unprepared. It is SO. HUMID here. But it wasn’t too bad. I got used to it.

I know it sounds like I’m complaining a lot, and it’s because I am. But don’t worry, I’ve actually been having a good time here! When we finally cat to Tainan, we got a city tour, and got to see all kinds of interesting and historical sites! We also had some super awesome food. This place… is FULL of awesome food, I can’t BELIEVE how good the food can be, like EVERYWHERE. Even the tea they serve is delish.

Day two has been a blast. We finally went to bed after Joy told a bunch of weird scary stories, and we had some devotions this morning. We went over the first 20 verses of Philippians. The verse that stuck to me was verse 6, saying that God’s work that he started in you will be brought to completion on the day of Jesus Christ. To me, it meant that I’ll constantly be a work in progress, so I don’t have to worry about BEING perfect, just work at it.

The young’uns (Me, Arthur, Johnathan, Joy, Kelly) walked around Tainan around FEU (Far Eastern University) where we’re staying, and found some interesting shops. Johnathan is from Taiwan, so he was familiar with the lifestyle, and is helping a lot with my Mandarin language development. He pointed out a lot of signs, even has me practice writing and saying some phrases. I try to get Kelly to practice Japanese with me, but… yeah. We DO talk in Japanese a lot, though, and that in itself serves as a great exercise! We find that we spend most of our time in the 7-11, collecting Doraemon Stickers to fill in our chart, so that we can get a free Doraemon toy! Silly… but whatever… In 7-11 I found a toothpaste brand called “黑人”, or “Heiren”, or (HAY-run). Or… Black Guy. Yes. Black Guy toothpaste. The logo? It’s a picture of a black guy with a top hat and bow-tie. I… let it go…

We are going to be versed on what/how exactly we are going to be teaching English in an English camp tonight at 8. I’m a little nervous, but I’m sure I’ll be alright. Update again soon!


One Response to “Taiwan 1: Oh Snap, I’m Not in America…”

  1. Heiren toothpaste is awesome. hahahha

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