Taiwan 1.5: Attention can be fun…

So pasically… I am really tired. And I know, I said “pasically”. Last night we went to bed at about 11:30p. Got up around 5:30 to have devotions, and get ready for breakfast, which was good! This is going ot be a short update, btw, and I’m not going to fix typs… So yeah.

So last night, we practiced a routine that was developed by someone from the LA church team to the song “I Will Follow” by Chris Tomlin. It was pretty fun, I had a good time! So we performed this morning in front of the new students. I was kinda’ nervous. I mostly thought about how most of these Taiwanians… Tawi… Taiwanese… might not have ever seen a black person in person! And to see one performing a dance and assisting in them LEARNING the dance… whoooo… So yeah. It wasn’t too bad, I just kept my head down, and refrained from making eye contact, haha, I just didn’t want to feel uncomfortable.

We broke up into our groups, and our group was really quiet. Mostly girls. One girl, Yaju, didn’t have an English name. And this being an English Summer camp, we helped her get one! I suggested a few names, and we settled on “Julie”, just because it has the “Ju” in her name. But yeah. So we had to think of a team name. It was KIIIINDA’ like pullin’ teeth, haha! We were all so shy! I think we spent 45 minutes trying to get them to say things that they liked so we could just move on from there and think of something. Our group only has 5 people in it… so yeah. We tried favorite animals… (Cat, cat, N/A, cat, pig). Got us nowhere. But as we were thinking of these things, we made these necklace-y things that were multicolored. So since we were team 6, I thought “Rainbow 6” was cool. And I thought it was freakin’ leet because that’s the name of a game based on solid teamwork. And guns. But they didn’t care, we went with… “ALL HIGH” because… Most of them are in high school. So… we’re “all high”…

We also had to do a skit. Pulling some more teeth, but much less painful. We almost ended up doing a chicken dance… GLAD that didn’t happen. I’ll share vid later… I’ll link it’n’stuff.

Sometime throughout the day, I asked one of the musicians to play his guitar. I figured he’d just hand it to me, and I’d sit in the corner to myself and play. But… no. He handed it to me, and just… stood there. And waited for me… to play… a song for him. So I did? Because I don’t speak enough Taiwanisian… Taiwan…ese… to tell him my intentions. I look up from the neck of the guitar after playing “Let Her Go”, and… there’s a crowd. And applause. It startled me, and I backed up into a wall. They kept asking for more, like “encore, encore!” And I’m like “I don’t… knooooow anythiiiiiiiiinnnng aaaaaaah” and they’re like “It’s okay just play!!!!” And I’m like “NNNNgggghaaaaaaa, ARTHUR’S REALLY GOOD!”. Arthur was just standing there, and I needed… someone with REAL guitar skills to shift attention to. So… he agreeed to play “Our God”, but he can’t play it in the key I sing it i, so he went to get his capo… and never… came.. .back… So. It was like 45 mintues of me playing random things one MIIIIGHT call songs… And attention. Just lots of questions… I RAN OUT. of Buisiness cards. It was fun! I felt… kinda’ like a celebrity. But I didn’t let it get ot my head, it was just fun for the moment…

So.. by the end of the night… I’m… juuuuuuuuuust so tired. I’m SOOO. SOOOO TIRED. But I feel so accomplished. Lots that I couldn’t say  just because I’m so exhausted, but yeah. That’s the gist people. ‘Kay bye.


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  1. […] Please also pray that we’d continue to have a servant’s heart. Pray especially for Kelly and Jeiji, our two non-Chinese speaking members. Imagine yourself helping to lead a small group that speaks mainly in a language you don’t understand – that’s what Jeiji and Kelly have been doing. They’ve been awesome in just making themselves available and trying to interact as much as they can, but I can understand that this combined with the tough schedule can be really exhausting. Other than that, though, the team members have been building bonds with the students at the camp, getting to know them and just spending time together. Jeiji even put on an impromptu performance that you can read about on his blog. […]

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