The Western States Police and Fire Games 2011

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So, I went on a road trip with my dear old pa down to SoCal for two things: To watch my dad break a record, and to visit my sister. Yawp, it was a long, freakin ride, but I got some cool shots. I pretty much only attended two or three events, because I pretty much had to run on my dad’s schedule, but it’s all good, haha. Here are the top, like 10 photos. The rest will be on my flickr account!

And yeah, the photos with watermarks are for sale, so I marked’em… so that you can’t steal them, haha. ANYWAY enjoy. Flickr photos here:

This is my dad, breaking the record! I believe it was 363 lb or something for a benchpress in his weight class, but here, he's pushin' 375!


Minivan Men

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Soooo. RENO. That’s where we went. Goal: Snowboard! Result: Not that… at all. But it was still great! Me, Phil, Pastor Jason, and Royce went to Reno in order to ditch the hustle bustle and show some muscle. Or maybe just Phil.

Phil got this one of me when I wasn't ready...

This is Phil. He's buff.

And sneezed.

This is Pastor Jason. Knows a ton of stuff about everything. He's been an engineer, wedding photographer, and father pretty much covers all the other skills you need in life.

That dude in the hat? That's Royce. He's like a super tennis player. Played professionally for like five years!

We went to the slopes, but we got there REAAAALLLY late, and it wasn’t my fault… (I overslept, Phil hadda’ poo…) So we just decided to mess around in the snow and whatever. It was actually really fun!


I love this shot, just looks to magical! And Phil seems to be captivated by the wonders of snow, haha!

Royce and Phil wanted to “jump” in the snow. Here’s how it ended up looking… (more like a tumble’n’splat)

Reno was crazy. There were motels like… freakin’ every where.

I took this shot because it looked kinda’ like a fleur de lis, one of my favorite shapes! Plus it looks crazy. You don’t see them often, haha.

So we came across this large pond frozen over. It was pretty cool! So what do a buncha’ guys in a minvan do? They pull over and throw rocks at it. REALLY BIG rocks. We had thrown so many rocks, we figured it was strong enough to support us, so Phil went out and tested the “waters” first.

Jason threw that one. Left his mark, haha. It was still standing when we left.

This is one of my favorite shots ever. So much contrast, and it just looks cool! Phil picked up this rock, and walked onto the ice. But it was so heavy…

The ice cracked! And he dropped the rock into the ice, haha!

But seriously! Look at how thick the ice was!

Real men don’t drink water…

They eat it.

Good times… Haha.


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OH SNAP HEY, GUYS! I am TOTALLY makin’ a new post, before my URL times out’n’stuff. That’s lame. SO YEAH, few thangs have changed since then… LIKE MY HAIR! But it’s messy right now, so I’m not sharin’ pics (aaaawwwww)…

SO ANYWAY: I didn’t really have a subject or a gameplan, so… I’m just wangin’ it. Or wingin’ it, that sounds weird. Here’s how my class schedule goes

I'm happy, and you should be happy for me. Why? BECUASE I GOT INTO GRAPHIC DESIGN 105!

DSGD 105 is the gateway to both heaven AND hell. It’s the class you take before you get into the BFA Graphic Design program at SJSU, but you have to be ACCEPTED into that class. Either way, it’s like a right of passage.

Heaven, because: If you get through the entire program with high grades, you’re (almost) guaranteed a solid and respectable job in Graphic Design. And if you don’t get that at the end, you get some props. Like a high five. I volunteered to do that next year.


But it’s cool, becuase I LOVE design work. Here’s some recent work:


Not in any particular order. Anyway other cool stuff about new stuff later, I’m… out of things I feel like sayin’…

And so, I’ve moved on! Jozzuv Lol in sight!

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So my domain: purchased! I now own Jeiji Design!! Too bad “” has already been taken… Some Chinese site, I guess you could check it out if you are interested. But I’ve decided to keep updating this blog with my personal experiences, not necessarily related to design. More related to other things I care about. Like skating, or movies, or videogames. Y’know. Things that won’t further my success in the world. So anyways, go check out the new site, Jeiji Design!! Digg, tweet, Post, pass it on, and I’ll be your best friend. Forever. Alsooooo…. JOZZUV LOL’S PRINTING IS ON IT’S WAY! As soon as my check is deposited, I’ll be planning the printing process for the orange glory that is the laughing tiger. LOOK OUT FOR IT! I’d probably post it to my portfolio when it’s printed, so yeah. GOOD THINGS! GOOOOOD THINGS!

Jozzuv Lol! (Lol Tiger)

The Bright Idea: Summer Snaps For All

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Well hello, there, people! So, I just had an idea I hope takes off: Summer Snaps for Everyone!I thought it would be awesome to be able to snap photos for everyone doing something awesome! I was sitting around looking at my pictures from my last post, and I realized that I wasn’t doing anything super special (well it was special to me, but yeah…). So what if I got a hold of something cool, and exciting? I’d love to catch some extreme sports action, or a family event, or a UFO landing or something. You know, just something cool. If you have something cool going on in the San José or Tracy area after the 1st of July (Just in time for Independence Day…), I’d LOVE to document that event and make some super memories even more memorable with a set of crisp photos. Heck, I just wanna’ take some shots! For a sample of my photographic works, check out some of my posts on photography! And for those looking for a fun and/or fancy way to present your memories to friends and family, have a preview of one of my photo books! (Click through the book to see the pages).  Hope to hear from y’all soon!

Summer Snaps: The Beginning

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My “Summer Snaps” are going to be a series of the photos I take all summer! Here’s the first group:

I took this while watching the Jimmy Kimmel show late at night... dont' know why, but I thought it was cool

This is Ryan's inner being...

From left to right: Diddy Kong, Vulpix, Toad, Luigi, and Blastoise (for those who don't have any knowlege of these awesome icons of my childhood... Ryan found these from years past just lying around somewhere in his room.

For most of the pokemon and plushie shots, I upped the vibrance and saturation a bit to emphasize the toy and fantastic nature of them. Does it work well?

Right outside Ryan's house some California Poppies sprung up. I thought it was really neat that they were resilient enough to grow and thrive in the CRACK of the SIDEWALK. Look at those vibrant colors, they're not strugglin'! They're drowning out the WEEDS, haha...

"Missed a spot..."

The shot was in B/W, anyways, Michelle... lost effort. Heh, just kiddn'. Beautiful shot, I think. Beautiful person :D.

Don't know who those are, or at least I'm not quite sure. But I thought it was funny to take a pic of a pic...

Michelle got a puppy! His name's Leo, but Jenn, Michelle's sister, calls him "Logan". I like Leo better, haha.

Aaaaaaaand Leo steals the show… He’s SO CUUUUUUTE :D. Anyhoo, Michelle, Ryan and I later played Scrabble against my mom. She still stomped us… But I did a lot better! Ryan also started to show some hidden vocab skills. We’re going to practice during the summer so that we can have a chance against the champ… one day… Thanks for havin’ a gander, come back for more soon!

Scrabble: I still lose every time…

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Summer’s here, and my mother and I both have a lot more time on our hands, so we picked up a game of Scrabble. Last time I played was years ago, and it was against her and my sister. Both in the medical fields (well my sister’s STUDYING to be)… I never stand a chance. But I get better each and every time I open that torn box and grab that burgundy sack of burgundy tiles.

The game board has yellowed from age, and even has some pretty conspicuous and distracting cracks down the middle, but it’s okay. It’s much more intense this way, and it represents the dramatically tedious and painstakingly careful decisions we make on this battlefield of vocabulary. Scrabble can get really extreme. We should fight wars with Scrabble…

This is the aftermath of the vocabattle.

I am used to losing, so I started out with no expectations of winning or even scoring big whatsoever. But the intensity started from the very beginning. First, my mom and I both drew As while figuring out who would go first. So we decided she should because she DREW first… TCH! Technicalities… So the first word was… “SO”. “Nice one, Mom…” I thought to myself. I just played casually, and hoped for good groups of letters.

But out of nowhere, I placed the word “CREST” over a word multiplier, and that set me in the lead! I couldn’t believe it! I was riding high, I even got to extend it to the word “CRESTING”, and scored big.


Yeah, I know it's spelled wrong... BUT I WAS ON A ROLL!!

Then I scored even BIGGER with 30 some-odd points by slapping down a hefty “DIPTHONG” (I just realized that that wasn’t the correct spelling… it’s actually “dipHthong”. Thanks, spell check, for ruining my dreams…), and I was feeling really good about it. I was dusting my mom by a good 40 points at that time! But then…

She started laying the smack down. Check this bad boy out (“SANDY B[A]Y”. It even WENT together!):

(SANDY BAY) SERIOUSLY?! It's almost like she PLANNED it!! They were at two separate times...

That scored her a hefty amount of points. but then she just kept blocking me, and blocking me, and all I could put down were words like “WE” and “TO”… It was humiliating. SHE WAS TOYING WITH ME TO GET MY HOPES UP! And I ended up losing by 50 whole points. As she clacked the last tile into place, I hung my head in defeat. It’s cool. Because right about that time, Jack from LOST died. How poetic…

Aaaaaand she puts a cap on the game. This is the end...

And so, LOST ended, the game ended, my pride ended… it all just ended right then and there. I don’t think I’ll ever freakin’ win… good game, Mom…